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Greatest Stories Ever Told Publishing News! - May 2015 Newsletter
June 05, 2015

We finally have news for you about Grace!

We are happy to report that Grace has made it through the editing process and the cover design is complete! The book is in the final stages of publishing, and we are so glad to announce the release date is July 1, 2015.

You will be able to get the book through Amazon and our own store, paperback or Kindle version. We recommend the paperback, mostly so you can fully appreciate the cover, which will match the rest of the series.

We will also have a new .pdf available for you to download for free when you purchase Grace, this one also by Paul F. Pavao. Well, technically it's not new, but it is newly edited and free for the first time.

The PDF will be How to Make a Church Fail--one of Paul's favorite writings he's ever completed--a manual for the distraction and eventual destruction of the Church and its followers, written from the perspective of Satan himself. It's light-hearted in tone, but serious in its message and above all, it's a warning and a reminder to be aware of what we allow to distract us from God's work.

Paul Pavao's writings are always full of wisdom and insight, and we know you will love it and learn as much from it as Grace.

Links to both Grace and How to Make a Church Fail will be included in our next email.

We hope you enjoy your summer,

The Greatest Stories Ever Told Team

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