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Greatest Stories Ever Told Publishing News!, Issue #001 -- teaser here
April 07, 2015

Happy Spring! We have finally come out of the freezing weather .... and are now being drenched in near-constant rain. April showers and whatever. Bring back the sunshine!

We have been hard at work on some of our other sites, but that doesn't mean we have forgotten you!

We are currently working on preparing a new booklet for launch called Grace: the Promise of God and the Power of the New Covenant by Paul Pavao. If you're at all familiar with his previous works (found on the GSET website or on Amazon ), you'll want to read this one when it's available.

Grace will be part of a larger series of teachings that help break down essential gospel into bite-sized pieces with input from the early church writings, perfect for small group studies, home studies, or simply understanding the teachings in the New Testament a little better.

In honor of Spring and to cheer up in spite of the rain, we're offering a 15% off coupon on The Promise by Megan Rebekah Cupit. Curl up with it and wait out the rain until the sun comes back.

To take advantage of this deal, visit our Createspace store
and enter this code:

Have a wonderful April and may God bless you,
The GSET Team: Paul, Esther, and Sandra

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