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GSET News - 2018 releases
May 17, 2018

It has been a long time since we have made contact with our subscribers. Greatest Stories Ever Told is owned and run by Paul Pavao (me). My daughter-in-law Esther was an integral part of GSET. She was our cover designer, co-editor, and so much more. Fortunately for her, but unfortunately for us, she decided to go to college and get a degree.

She is doing great in college, but I never hired a replacement. I informed our other authors that I could not keep publishing, especially because I was also called back to help shepherd the church I have been in most of the last 25 years. That was a consuming task, especially for a guy who had just been through two cancers!

Now, though, I have returned to writing and managed to organize the other hats I wear (business owner, husband, father, pastor, part-time tax consultant). _Rome's Audacious Claim_, my book on papal primacy, is progressing again and due for release next year.

I have also added a small project called _Rebuilding the Foundations_, which I hope to release this August. It expands on a teaching I gave at a mission conference last August that was very well-received. It addresses the very foundations of the faith.

_Rebuilding the Foundations_ is important enough to me that I am going to release it the traditional way. That means I will spend a lot of money up front to buy a large quantity of books so I can sell it cheaper.

I would love to give it away free, but you would be amazed at the problems that causes! Neither online bookstores nor brick-and-mortar stores want to sell books for free. They don't make any money when that happens. If I try to sell the books through Amazon, but I give away free books myself, then they want copies to give away free as well.

Anyway, it's a complicated matter, but I will at least be able to get _Rebuilding the Foundations_ out cheaply. You can get a preview of it at, where I am writing it blog post by blog post.

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