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Teachings That Must Not Be Lost, series

by Paul Pavao, coming 2016

Teachings That Must Not Be Lost, series by Paul Pavao

This series of booklets is meant to show you what it means to be a Christian and to get you properly grounded in the teaching of the apostles as found in the Scriptures and in the churches that they formed 2,000 years ago.

There are four reasons I believe it is important to publish this series:

  • They have eliminated almost all difficult verses for me.
  • They have allowed me to read the Scriptures without excuses or fanciful explanations
  • They have taught me how to tap into the power of the Holy Spirit and live obediently to Jesus.
  • These teaching regularly arouse comments like, "Oh, now I get it!" or, "I have always felt that, but have never been able to put it into words." They satisfy the heart of disciples because they are the teachings of the apostles.

All of these teachings were once accepted universally, or almost universally, in the early churches.

These booklets will not cover everything!

This series only addresses subjects that are well-covered in the Scriptures and the early Christian writings. Any honest, well-read Christian can understand the sources and the reasoning of every one of these teachings and put them into practice.

Forgotten Gospel

by Matthew Bryan, 2015

Forgotten Gospel, by Matthew Bryan

Jesus only called one message "gospel": the kingdom of God.

The gospel of the kingdom is often bandied about, but no one really knows what it is. Matthew Bryan lays a solid foundation in the Jewish Scriptures for God's promise of a conquering King, then walks us through the preaching of the kingdom by Jesus and his apostles.

Forgotten Gospel both transforms our understanding of the Scriptures, pointing out treasures laying unnoticed right on their surface, and equips us to live and preach the long ignored gospel of the kingdom.

Decoding Nicea

by Paul Pavao, 2014

Decoding Nicea by Paul Pavao

Who is the Logos? Men brawled in bars and beat each other to death in the streets over this question, a controversy which came to a head at the Council of Nicea.

There, a fringe group of peace-loving, communal worshipers of a crucified Palestinian prophet took over the Roman empire and begin an odyssey that would transform the world as we know it.

The Promise

by Megan Rebekah Cupit, 2014

The Promise, by Megan Rebekah Cupit

Mary is just an ordinary girl

uncertain of what her future holds

suffocating under Roman oppression

watching her family fall apart.

She's waiting for God's Word to come to life

THE PROMISE will change everything.

Apostles' Gospel

by Paul Pavao, 2013

The Apostles' Gospel, by Paul F. Pavao

Could Paul's letters to the Christians be the wrong way to preach the gospel to non-Christians?

All the apostles' sermons to the lost are found in the Book of Acts. Paul Pavao walks you through a brief but rigorous examination of the difference between the Gospel as found in Acts and the Gospel as taught in our evangelism classes.

Slavery During the Revolutionary War

by Esther Pavao, 2013

Slavery During the Revolutionary War, by Esther Pavao

Did the Founding Fathers own slaves? Were our cherished self-evident truths ever applied to all men equally? Have you ever wondered how our fearless and progressive founding fathers could give their lives for their own freedom, yet ignore the freedom of men, women, and children in their own houses and fields?

Here is the story of slavery, and what we did about it, during the founding of a "free" nation, told in the words of Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, Benjamin Franklin, and their compatriots.

How to Make a Church Fail

by Paul Pavao, 2013

How to Make a Church Fail by Paul Pavao

How to Make a Church Fail is written by Paul Pavao from the perspective of Satan. It's a slightly ironic take on the disunity in the Church over the last couple centuries.

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