Christian Bookstores and Retailers:
Wholesale Pricing and Policies

Our easy-to-use system through CreateSpace allows you to have Amazon's reliability while still getting full standard retail discounts. We offer a 40% discount to all retailers. If you place an order for 10 books or more, we will offer a 50% discount on that order and all future orders.

Note: Our books can be ordered from IngramSpark or CreateSpace for a retail discount, but not the 40-50% we offer here.

Instructions are below.

Placing an Order

You will need to email or call us in order to get the retailer 40% or 50% discount code.

  1. Click one of the book links above.
  2. You will arrive on the description page for whichever book you click. Click "add to cart."
  3. If needed, change the amount of books.
  4. Enter your discount code.
  5. Click "update cart."
  6. If you are only ordering one book, you are done. Simply check out. If you want more books, hit your browser's back button.
  7. You are back on the description page. Under the "add to cart," click the link that says "add more books."
  8. You will be returned here. Click on the next book you would like to add and repeat. CreateSpace will remember your cart with its amounts and discounts. Your discount code will be applied to every book.
  9. Repeat as necessary and check out.


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