Decoding Nicea

by Paul F. Pavao

What Was the Council of Nicea?

The Council of Nicea was the central event of a century that transformed Christians from a persecuted minority to a persecuting majority. For a thousand years after the Council of Nicea, the governments of the western world would answer to or consult Christian prelates.

The Council of Nicea is the answer to the question of how we got from there to here, from the Christianity we read about in the Bible to the Christianity we see around us today.

Decoding Nicea tells the breathtaking story of the transformation of both Christianity and the Roman empire, complete with the political intrigue, violence, and theological disputes that make the council as exciting as a Hollywood thriller.

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The Myths of Nicea

The Council of Nicea was one of the central themes of Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code. The book makes audacious claims about the invention of Christianity at the council, suggesting that dozens of books of Scripture were thrown out at the council and the Trinity was invented there.

Decoding Nicea not only tells you the true story, but puts the documents behind the story in your hand. You can read for yourself Constantine's explanation of why he called the council and his advice to the churches afterwards. You'll read the arguments from the competing parties, the only eye-witness description of the council, and the letters the council sent out afterward. You will not wonder who is telling you the truth. You'll know it yourself.

The Theology of Nicea

Decoding Nicea is almost two books in one. The first half rides the adventurous waves of the fourth century battles over the Trinity that caused the church to miss the fact that its foundation was being torn out around its feet. The second half addresses the various issues that surround Nicea, giving a thorough description of what Christianity was before the council.

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Here are just a couple reviewers' comments:

  • "Paul Pavao has the rare ability to take what many consider dull and transform it."
  • "A marriage of exhaustive research with captivating writing."

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