by Paul F. Pavao

GRACE: God's Riches At Christ's Expense

We know a lot about and emphasize "Christ's expense," but we have barely tapped into what God's riches are or how to put them into practice in our lives.

Most Christians know that grace literally means favor.

True story: I had a friend once whose uncle was the dictator of a small country. She could have had all the riches of that country. She chose not to, fearing what would happen to her if his government was overthrown, but you get the idea. The favor of a ruler can lead to all sorts of luxurious benefits.

God is the greatest ruler of all, and he has abundant (spiritual) riches for his children, which the apostles sum up under the word "grace."

Too few Christians have any idea of the riches inherent in God's favor, so they do not benefit any more than my friend benefitted from her uncle's favor. Grace explores the Bible's passages on grace and explains, in easy to understand terms, how to apply it to our lives.

This little booklet could easily become the most important book you have ever read.

Grace is the first part in a series by Paul Pavao called Teachings That Must Not Be Lost.

But it now!

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