Slavery During the Revolutionary War

by Esther Pavao

Did the Founding Fathers own slaves? What happened to the slaves who escaped their masters to join the American Revolution? Were our cherished self-evident truths ever applied to all men equally? How could our fearless and progressive founding fathers give their lives for their own freedom, while turning a blind eye to the enslavement of men, women, and children in their own houses and fields?

Esther Pavao presents us the scandalous story of American slavery during the founding of a "free" nation. She offers neither theories nor assumptions, but the personal confessions of Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, Benjamin Franklin, and others in their own words. Esther's research on early American slavery began more like hobby while writing for A few days of research for a web article turned into weeks and then months as new information begged for closer investigation. "I couldn't believe some of the facts I found, but there they were in the founding fathers' own handwriting."

Rather than compiling every detail, Esther's writing whets our appetites as readers and entices us to dig a deeper ourselves into the complexities of America's founding. Facts are stranger than fiction, and history proves to be full of surprises for all who are willing to investigate.

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