Teachings That Must Not Be Lost

by Paul Pavao

Teachings That Must Not Be Lost
  • Book 1:Grace, Available Now!
  • Book 2: Gospel of the KingComing Soon!
  • Book 3: Discipleship
  • Book 4: Tithing
  • Book 5: Blessing and Cursing

I gave my life to King Jesus in 1982. In those early days I attended an Assembly of God church and visited a couple other Protestant denominations. Having been raised Catholic, I was very excited about my new life in a church for which the Bible was "the sole rule of faith and practice."

It didn't take me long to find out that Protestants have grave disagreements about what that "sole rule" is.

The problem is that evangelical churches have so distanced themselves from tradition that they have little idea of what was originally taught by the apostles. Five hundred years of dissension among denominations shows that studying the Bible is not going to give us the answers we need.

This series of booklets is meant to show you:

  • The resources available to help understand the original teaching of the apostles.
  • The most important apostolic teachings that we evangelicals have lost and replaced with our own traditions.

I hate "difficult" verses. I hate feeling that I am making excuses for a verse rather than believing and explaining it. The writings of the early church fathers have eliminated almost every "difficult" verse I dealt with as an evangelical. They have carefully and easily assembled almost every seeming contradiction into one smooth whole.

This series is my attempt to bring you the teachings that eliminated my difficult verses and allowed me to understand not only what God requires of me, but how to live out what God requires of me.

I hope these Teachings That Must Not Be Lost will do the same for you.

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